High School Nordic Team

Nordic High School Team is designed for athletes who want to refine their skills, improve their aerobic ability and compete. Trainings are more structured and include aerobic, anaerobic and strength training. Cross training opportunities are presented that include balance, coordination, endurance and speed activities. Athletes will learn to use both low-intensity aerobic training, high-intensity aerobic training and anaerobic training to improve race fitness.

Coach: Lindsey Love

Ages 14-18 (9th – 12th grade)
Skill Development Focus Good body position, balance and weight shift. Ability to maintain appropriate balance and stance while skiing in all terrain and under a variety of conditions. Understands concept of changing tempo to suit conditions and terrain. Discusses race strategy and pacing with a coach.
Skill Requirements Basic Nordic fundamentals
Competition Encouraged to race in at least two Junior National Qualifiers (JNQ), local events and interclub comps and as many races as desired in January and February.
Schedule/Sessions Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays and occasional Saturday practice for 17 weeks starting Nov. 24, 2014 – March 12, 2015
Program Fees $625
Ski Passes Grand Targhee Nordic pass encouraged, but not required for participation. A TVTAP Nordic Pass is highly suggested, as we depend wholly on their grooming for our team.
Transportation Not provided for training. May be available for competitions.
  • Skis: Uses classic and skate skis. Fit is essential and should be selected to fit skiers’ weight and height. Skis are properly waxed and maintained at all times by the athlete. Athlete carries appropriate supplies for training.
  • Boots: Classic and skate
  • Poles: should be using poles specifically for classic and skate.
  • Ancillary equipment: hill bounding poles, appropriate footwear and clothing for all activities. Athlete has a backpack for extra clothing, water bottle, water bottle carrier, waxing equipment, etc.

* TVSEF has a wide range of boots, skis and poles to fit most elementary athletes for a nominal rental fee.

Team Meeting TBD
Max. Participants/Ratio 7:1
License None
Race Travel Expenses Not included
Work Deposit and Family Participation Positive parental support is essential. Families are encouraged to get involved with club activities and volunteer for team races, trainings and events

Click here to register for High School Nordic Team


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