Freeride Team

Freeride is designed for strong skiers who have 5-10 years of experience who wish to focus on all mountain skiing and refining skills in the terrain park. Coaches will focus on good decision making, positive self talk, work ethic, perseverance, task oriented skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. They will encourage the use of imagery and visualization. Dryland training is required with workouts that include gymnastics, trampoline and resistance work including bands, medicine balls, etc.

Coaches: Matt Furney Evan Padua

Ages 10-15
Skill Development Focus Emphasis will be on responsible and realistic decision making in big mountain scenarios and technical tricks. Focus on technique and proper movement patterns. Ability to execute a carved turn and exploring inverted trampoline skills.  Fundamental inverted jumps may be introduced with focus on form and consistency.
Skill Requirements Athletes should be comfortable in moguls, terrain parks, and all mountain skiing.
Competition Introduction to Fun Competitions such as Wednesday Night Lights at Snow King, Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Big Mtn. comps
Schedule/Sessions Saturdays and/or Sundays for 15 weeks Dec 6- Mar 15
Program Fees One day $599, Two day $999
Ski Passes Pass prices are not included in program fees. Grand Targhee season passes must be purchased directly through Grand Targhee Resort.
Transportation Not included. May be available for Wednesday Night Lights @ SK or comps at JHMR and GT. Athletes are encouraged to take the Grand Targhee shuttle for training.
  • Skis: one pair of all mountain skisBoots: Proper fit with soft flex, footbeds recommended
  • Protection: Head (helmet) required. Back and teeth (mouth guard) protection recommended
  • Poles: With pole tip in snow, arm should be at 80 degrees
Team Meeting TBD
Max. Participants/Ratio 7:1
License None
Competition/Travel Expenses Not included in program fees.
Work Deposit and Family Participation $100 work deposit and positive parental support and club involvement .

Click here to register for Freeride Team


2 Comments on “Freeride Team

  1. I would like to sign my son Naish Invie up for this program. One day. Is it still on Sunday and available?. I will not allow me to proceed any further. Can you help? 307-413-4380

    • Hey Peg! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We are working on getting all the program registrations up by Oct. 1st. Dryland training should go up today. We’re working on getting online registration up and running. We’ll be sending out an email about registration very soon. Thanks!

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