Goal Setting and Training Plan Clinic

This clinic will be taught by Chi Melville, who has over 30 of experience teaching Nordic skiing and is designed for High School athletes (Middle School athletes may be invited by their coach) and their parents. There will be discussion on goals – short term, long term, how attaining one small goal is the foundation for the next goal, etc. Each family group will breakout and write down goals for each young athlete. Then come back as a group and go over what they came up with.

With goals established, athletes and parents will discuss how to achieve their goals through training – identifying the number of hours for various age groups, building hours from one year to the next, periodization (the 4 training periods of a season) and how to write a training plan. Families will then break into groups again and have them write up training plans for each athlete.

Ages 14-18 (9th – 12th grade)
Skill Development Focus To lead the athletes and parents through a goal setting exercise and the development of a training plan. To engage both parents and kids so that there’s a built in support system within the family for the athlete’s training goals & training.
Skill Requirements none
Competition none
Schedule/Sessions Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013 at 9a (location TBD)
Program Fees included in Nordic Dryland Athletes fees
Ski Passes none
Transportation not provided
Equipment athletic shoes, water bottle and appropriate clothing for all weather conditions
Team Meeting TBD
Max. Participants/Ratio 7:1
License None
Race Travel Expenses NA
Work Deposit and Family Participation Positive parental support is essential. Families are encouraged to get involved with club activities.

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