Nordic Dryland Training – Middle School

Dryland Training to help the athletes tone and shape up using techniques specific to the sport. Focus is on fun and play while building endurance and strength. Dryland training includes the Goal Setting and Training Plan on Saturday, Oct. 26 and Thursday Roller Skiing.

Ages 11-13 (6th – 8th grade)
Skill Development Focus Endurance and strength activities
Skill Requirements none, intermediate Nordic skills required for Roller Skiing
Competition none
Schedule/Sessions Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, October 7 – November 8 from 4-5p
Program Fees $75
Ski Passes none
Transportation Not provided
  • Footwear: athletic shoes, skate boots for Tuesday Roller Skiing
  • Poles: skate poles for Tuesday Roller Skiing
  • Safety: bike helmet, full finger gloves, knee pads recommended for Tuesday Roller Skiing
  • Ancillary: Clothing should provide appropriate protection from the elements and keep athletes comfortable for extended periods of training to ensure enjoyment of sport. Water bottle.
Team Meeting TBD
Max. Participants/Ratio 7:1
License None
Race Travel Expenses NA
Work Deposit and Family Participation Positive parental support is essential. Families are encouraged to get involved with club activities.

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