The Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation is a 501c(3) that graciously relies on donations from donors like you. Please consider donating through the following ways.

Tin Cup Challenge:

The 8th Annual Tin Cup Challenge giving period will begin on May 22nd at 8am and run through July 27, 2015. Please consider donating to us through this event where our funds are partially matched. You can donate by picking up a donor book around the valley, or you can donate online here: select “Tin Cup Challenge” and search for TVSEF in keywords.

Here’s the link to the Community Foundation of Teton Valley, who runs and administers the Tin Cup Challenge. Special thank to CFTV for running the incredible event.

Donate with a Credit card

If you can’t donate during that time period, then you can donate with a credit card through our Paypal account. You can do so by clicking here. Donate

 Donate by Check

You can donate by check by putting one in the mail.

PO Box 1042
Driggs ID 83422

Thanks so much for your generosity.


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