Alpine Development Team

The Alpine Development program is designed to refine skiing fundamentals and build on a foundation of early ski skills children bring to the program. Often this is an athlete’s first experience with a coach and on a team. Most of the time will be spent exploring the mountain through play, exploration, and games designed to promote strong skiing skills. Coaches will stress having fun while building teamwork, learning mountain safety, and enjoying time outside. Free play, guided free skiing, and drills are an integral part of the Alpine Development program. Children will be encouraged to lead a balanced lifestyle with healthy habits that promote success in sport and life. Positive parental support is essential. Athletes are arranged in groups based on skill, speed, and social needs.


Ages 6-10, U8, U10
Skill Development Focus Emphasis on play, fun, basic agility and coordination. The three main components will be balance, rotary and edging.
Skill Requirements Participants must be able to put on their own ski equipment, load and ride the lift,  and ski on Shoshone, at a minimum.
Races Not required. Athletes are welcome and encouraged to race in Club Series races or Rubber Legs.
Schedule/Sessions Sundays for 8 or 16 weeks. First Session Nov. 30- Jan. 18. Second Session: Jan. 25 – March 15
Program Fees One 8 week session; $350, two 8 week sessions, $595
Ski Passes Pass prices are not included in program fees. Grand Targhee Jr. Passes must be purchased directly through Grand Targhee Resort.
Transportation  Not included. May be available for Club Series races
  • Skis: One pair of freeskis at chest to head height with a variation based on height, weight and skill level.
  • Boots: soft, even forward flex for ankle movement to facilitate a balanced, athletic stance.
  • Protection: helmet and goggles required.Poles: standard length = forearm horizontal with pole tip in snow as skill level develops
Team Meeting TBD
Max. Participants/Ratio 7:1
License None
Race Travel Expenses Not included. Local Club Series race fees typically $30
Work Deposit and Family Participation $100 work deposit per family. Positive parental support is essential. Families are encouraged to get involved with club activities.

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