Our foundation is in our Alpine programs when TVSEF was started by the Mackenzies and Melehess in 1978. As the ski industry changes and we we see new sports emerge such as snowboarding and big-mountain free skiing, we respond and strive to meet the needs of our community, as the Melehess and Mackenzies did over 30 years ago. However, our Alpine programs continue to be our base.

Alpine Development Team

The Alpine developmental program is designed to promote a foundation of skiing fundamentals and having fun. Often times, this is an athlete’s first experience skiing with a coach and in a group. Most of the time (at least 95% )will be free skiing while stressing the importance of having fun while learning mountain safety and skill development through games, exploration, play, teamwork and sportsmanship. Ages 6-10

Alpine Development Race Team

All the fun components of Alpine Development, but with an introduction to race fundamentals, particularly the Giant Slalom. Athletes in this program are typically 3rd or 4th graders who have at least 2 years skiing with a coach and want more experience ski racing.  Ages 7-9

Alpine Race Team

This team is comprised of 10-15 year olds who have been skiing with a coach for at least 4 years, have at least 5 years in the sport and some experience with ski racing. The Alpine Race Team will spend at least 60% of the time all-mountain skiing and 40% training in gates and developing race skills. Ages 10-15

Alpine Holiday Camp


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